10 Tips for Procrastination Help

Procrastination HelpI recently read about a survey by the University of Chicago which suggested that those who face challenges are more likely to live up to 10 years longer than those who spend their lives inhibited by timidity.

Trying to realize our ambitions, even if we do not always meet them, is preferable to not having the courage or motivation to take a risk. So, for example, not making any resolutions because we fear we will break them is having a defeatist attitude.  Same goes for procrastination!  Procrastination is a major hold-back in many people’s lives.  As we allow procrastination to become an insidious habit it stops us from leading our most fulfilling existence.

 Here are 10 EASY Tips for Procrastination Help!

 Procrastination Help Tip #1 – Personal Values Development to Help Procrastination

Take time to figure out what you really want in life and what your personal values are. Do you want more time, more money, better health, greater self esteem and confidence, more fulfilling relationships, a different career, set up a business? What is important to you?  Only you can answer this question.  When we procrastinate it’s often because what we are planning to do is not really aligned with what we truly want. We may be scared of our skills (or perceived lack of) or fear ridicule from others. You can help yourself end procrastination by finding the answers to this question!

Procrastination Help Tip #2 – Making Health A Priority Helps To End Procrastination

Without good health we are less likely to have the energy and dynamism needed to get stuff done in our lives and it’s easier (and necessary if you’re very ill) to procrastinate. So ensure that you have a nourishing diet, sleep well, exercise and meditate. Incidentally, it is thought that regular meditation helps delay the worst effects of the ageing process, so that’s a super one for overall health and wellbeing!  Likewise, a healthy body usually means a healthier mind so tasks will seem clearer and simpler.

Procrastination Help Tip #3 – Visualize Your Life Without Procrastination

See and feel what benefits would exist in your life if you did not procrastinate. What could you do and achieve? Begin to act as if you’re not a procrastinator. Write down, draw and visualize your life with getting things accomplished. You can use Positive Affirmations to help you.

Procrastination Help Tip #4 – Banish the Gremlin

That little voice which runs on auto in your head – that dismisses any idea that you might have. It says things like “I’m not in the mood,” “I don’t have time,” “I can’t do this.” Stop running on auto, replace the “should’s,” “oughts,” “have tos,” with “want tos,” “desires” with ACTION!  You have a choice. Acknowledge your choices and banish the Gremlin. Again, using affirmations can help you replace the Gremlin with more positive alternatives.

Procrastination Help Tip #5 – Overcommitment Creates Avoidance And Procrastination.  End Overcommitment.

Saying “yes” to everything often leaves you feeling tired and without the energy to focus on what is most important to you. This leads to procrastination as projects and tasks are dropped. Identify what is most important to you and only focus on those areas which will make the biggest difference to your life. See how your focus and motivation is enhanced.

Procrastination Help Tip #6 – Setting Personal And Professional Goals Leaves Procrastination Behind

It’s hard to motivate yourself when you do not have a good idea of what you want to accomplish. So when setting goals think about what you want to achieve in the short term and long term. Techniques for doing so include the SMART strategy:

  • S = specific
  • M = measurable
  • A= Action
  • R = Realistic
  • T = Time based

You can use goal setting software to help you in goal planning and setting.

Procrastination Help Tip #7 – Prioritize Your Goals To Avoid Procrastinating

Develop a plan or schedule to help you reach your goals. In doing so you will begin to identify whether some elements need to be included or enhanced or dropped completely. Also remember to be flexible, revisit your goals regularly and modify or drop if appropriate. Just because a goal is written down doesn’t mean that it is set in stone!

Procrastination Help Tip #8 – Divide And Conquer For Awesome Procrastination Help

Once you’ve prioritized your goals, divide them into smaller chunks. Sometimes we procrastinate because a project seems really large that the scale of it overwhelms us and puts us into a temporary form of paralysis – you don’t know where to start, so you don’t start at all! Approach each project – especially large ones – on a step by step basis.

Procrastination Help Tip #9 – Reward Yourself For Getting It Done (aka Not Procrastinating)

Once you start to complete tasks, reward yourself by giving yourself something that you want. So instead of seeing a film before you complete a task, see it afterwards and make it a reward for you.

Procrastination Help Tip #10 – Just Get Started. No Excuses.

Do not wait until you’re “in the mood.” The mood may never come! It is a clever camouflage and a delaying tactic. “What you resist persists!” Start with what is easiest, so that you experience immediate success, which will also give you the fuel and motivation to upgrade and take on larger projects.


Do any of the above and you’ll be well on your way to leaving procrastination behind. And if you are procrastinating over doing any of the above, then remember that living a positive life is the biggest deadline of all!