I radiate confidence!  …And I remind myself of this through Confidence Affirmations.  Confidence radiates from me like a bright ray of sunshine. When others look at me, they believe that I am knowledgeable because of how I present myself.  I carry myself with poise because I am self-assured.  I trust my talents and abilities make me qualified to complete the tasks I have to perform with…

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What is a Positivity Self-Reflection?

Encompassing positivity is not something that can be achieved overnight. Like many other journeys, it is necessary to take lots of small positive steps which all combine to enable you to reach your destination and achieve your dreams.

Self reflection is one of those small steps. This ability to look inside yourself and recognize where corrections to your actions or attitude may be necessary is not designed to be an act of self-criticism. It is an act of positive recognition and realization. Armed with such positivity you will then be ready to take the necessary positive steps to change the future outcome of your actions. 

Above are 9 downloadable/printable Positivity Self-Reflection exercises

I Radiate CONFIDENCE, I Nourish My Soul with Gratitude, Forgive Yourself, Procrastination Prevention Plan, Breathing Exercises for Anxiety, Be Happy with Yourself, I Have a Perpetual Smile on My Face, Today is the Blueprint of My Tomorrow and I Make My Own Luck

An example of the benefits of regular self reflection is the successful athlete who continually uses self reflection to identify where there is room for improvement in his or her performance. This realization is then translated into small, realistic adjustments to their training program.

By developing self-reflection into a regular habit you can recognize where you have room for  improvements of your own and make the small, realistic adjustments necessary to your actions and/or attitude. Any change can be more easily achieved when you apply self reflection and rehearse it in your mind beforehand.

Self-reflection, used in tandem with affirmations is a great way of ensuring you reinforce all your positive intentions. Just remember to keep it real and keep it positive and you’ll find yourself getting ever closer to where you want to be.