Be Happy With Yourself ~ Five Methods

Be Happy With Yoursel ~ Five MethodsBeing happy with yourself is not something that comes easy to all of us. But being accepting of the person you are and thus, happy, regardless of anything that happens in our life, is a key to a positive life and this week’s Positivity Tool!  It is something that we all can do and do well no less.   Anyone who feels happy with themselves, knows how to be themselves. They accept themselves as they are.  They may still strive for improvement in personal areas where they seek to grow, but they accept themselves as they are each day.  Those who know how to be themselves reveal their unique inner self so that others can know them too.  They release self-conscious thoughts and go about with this Dr. Seuss-like mentality:

“Be who you are and say what you feel.   Those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind!”

Sadly, there are many people afraid to be themselves and if you are afraid to be yourself, you simply can’t be happy with yourself.  The self-confident, however, do not worry about what others think, because they know this is their one life and since we only get once chance in life, they make it great. These people also have a sense of personal happiness and fulfillment – a product of their own positive choices and positive actions.  Whether you are someone who knows how to be yourself or whether you are seeking more self-acceptance, the five methods listed below are great reminders and/or lessons on how to be happy with yourself.

Be Happy With Yourself ~ Five Methods

(1)  Find Happiness

Be Happy with YourselfWithout happiness, life is meaningless.  Happiness is not something that should be felt from time-to-time, rather it ought to be a way of life; something felt consistently all the time.  Finding happiness is not as hard as one might think.  Why?  Because true happiness is not something that is created by external factors – rather, it is found within and you have the tools inside of you to find happiness each day, every day.

If you’re one who would like to feel happier more regularly, a great way to move towards that feeling is by setting personal goals. These would not be monetary goals or measures of success in a career or otherwise, but rather personal goals such as deciding how you will respond emotionally in certain situations.  An example would be, setting a goal to tell yourself each morning upon awaking, “Today is going to be a great day and I choose to feel happy from this moment til I return to bed for the night.”   This also aids in clearing out the mental clutter when you make a choice to respond positively and happily throughout your days.

The best way to start is incrementally – baby steps. You are special and you should feel that at the end of each day. When we are setting these personal goals, we become able to feel good about our choices because we are creating our happiness consciously.  We become empowered.

(2)  Live In The Moment

Second, we need to remember that we have to live for today. We must use our best intentions and make our days worthwhile.  Its okay to think about the future and make choices that lead to a positive future and so that we are safe and secure, but we also need to be conscientious that we are in the present moment, enjoying it and feeling good in the now.

(3)  What Makes You Lose Your MoJo?  

Another method is to think about the situations and circumstances where we feel we lose your self-confidence or where we respond less than desirably. Here’s where making positive choices comes into play in setting the right measures from within.  We can then make choices to stay away from people and places where we feel poorly and/or make choices to respond differently.

(4)  Stay Healthy!  

Being healthy is the fourth key to being yourself. When we make poor choices in terms of our health, there is no other result than to feel poorly about ourselves.  Making good health choices is an instant confidence-booster because we then feel good physically and that in turn causes a sense of wellbeing mentally as well. This includes eating right, physical activity, hydration, and hygiene in addition to other choices that we make for our bodies.

(5)  Keep On Keeping On!  

Observe and remember the good feelings. Just like we want to identify the things, times and places where we have less than positive feelings, likewise, we must take notice of the things, times and places when we feel fantastic.  Duplicate, even multiply, those.  This method has a two-fold benefit.  First, it enables us to feel good but secondarily, when we are feeling great, we have a tendency to spread that feeling and share it with the world, in turn assisting others throughout their days.   For some, learning to be comfortable with who you are may take some getting used to.  For others, you may be exhausted trying to hide the real you and what you stand for.  And for some, maybe you just need a simple reminder that you are wonderful just as you are.  Wherever you are and however you feel, one piece of advice holds true, Be Yourself.

“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” ~Dr. Seuss